Meditate with Andrea

65: Releasing Frustration Meditation: Find Calm & Solution to Your Problem

September 05, 2022 Andrea Belzer Episode 65
Meditate with Andrea
65: Releasing Frustration Meditation: Find Calm & Solution to Your Problem
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 This guided meditation will help you understand where your frustration is coming from. Plus identify any other emotions related to this frustration. Included is a calming body scan so you can relax and be open to any intuitive messages that come through. We end by exploring how we can release the frustration.

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Welcome my name is Andrea and in this meditation I am going to guide your through a relaxation and then help better understanding your frustration and how you can start to release it.

Frustration usually occurs when we have no control over something. We become frustrated with the outcome because we are stuck in a place of no control.

Additionally frustration is what I like to call a gateway emotion.

When you dig underneath the frustration there are more emotions that are even stronger. But they can also be scarier for us to face. So frustration becomes the cover for anger or shame or guilt.

What we want to do is uncover those other emotions are so we can get to the core of our frustration and release it.

Let’s start by getting into a comfortable position.

Once you are settled in begin to turn your attention to your breathing. Allowing the breath to begin to clam and relax you.

Take a deep breath in and exhale.

Take a deep breath in and exhale.

Take a deep breath in and exhale.

Now continue focusing on your breath at your own pace.

Now I want you to turn your attention to your body.

Imagine a bright white light full of calming energy entering from the earth into the bottom of your feet. This white healing energy slowly moves up our legs, your calves, your thighs.

Healing and cleansing everything as it goes.

Slowly moving into your pelvis area

And up into your stomach.

Moving up into your chest.

Allowing the energy to move down your left arm.

And your right arm.

Slowly proceeding up into your neck and finally into our head.

Let this white light calm and flow through your body to any remaining spaces that you feel tension.

Now connect with your feeling of frustration. Ask it what other emotions are with it.

As each emotion comes up sit with that emotion. Feel where it is in your body. Let it be there.

Tune into it what is it trying to say to you.

Let it be in your body, with you feeling it until it begins to dissipate. Do this with each emotion that has been shared with you.

Ask your intuition “what do I need to do to release this frustration and all the other emotions?” What will help me clear this frustration?

There may be multiple answers so allow multiple to flow in.

Now take a moment to rest with this information. Observe what comes up, but don’t judge.

Slowly begin to return your attention to the present moment.

Gaze around the room. Wiggle your fingers and toes.

Carry on with your day when you are ready. You may want to take a moment and jot down some notes about what came up. If you can create a plan to deal with the emotions that did come up. That can be really helpful.

Returning to this meditation anytime you are unsure of what you are feeling and how to get past that emotion.

Thank you for meditating with me today.

If you enjoyed this meditation, I would appreciate you liking and sharing it.