Meditate with Andrea

60: [Full Moon Meditation] Gain Guidance from the Moon's Wisdom

June 13, 2022 Andrea Belzer Episode 60
Meditate with Andrea
60: [Full Moon Meditation] Gain Guidance from the Moon's Wisdom
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This guided meditation will help you use the wisdom and power of the full moon. We relax and then ask the moon to guide us on what to celebrate. What we need to release and what our next steps on our journey should be. Can also be use for journal prompts.

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Please do not meditate and drive. It is meant to be a time where you relax and allow yourself to disconnect!

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The full moon is a time of illumination and awareness. It empowers us to keep moving forward with our intentions that we have set on the new moon. At the same time it shows us what we need to see. It shows us the blocks we are facing, the things that we need to celebrate and it shows us how to continue to move forward.

In this meditation we will connect with the moon to learn wisdom it want’s to share with us.

So let’s begin by Getting yourself in comfortable position.

Now turn your attention to your breath.

Take a beep breath in, allowing it to fill your lungs.

Exhale slowly, allowing your body to release all the tension you are holding in your muscles.

Take a deep breath in, allowing nourishing oxygen to flow through your body.

Exhale everything that is not serving you.

Inhale the strong supportive energy of the moon.

Exhale out any expectations you are carrying.

Feel the energy of the moon shining on you. Becoming one with you on your journey.

Ask the moon to show you what you need to celebrate and have gratitude for.

What is it time to release? As you release this, what lessons do you need to take from it?

What is the next step on your path? What direction should you be moving?

Is there anything else the moon would like to share with you?

Thank the moon for sharing it’s wisdom with you.

Now rest for a moment to allow your body, mind and spirit process to everything that was presented to you.

Slowly return your attention to the space around you.

Opening your eyes, noticing what is around you.

And Starting to move your body and becoming aware of your energy.

Allowing yourself to have extra time if you need it.

I encourage you to jot down some notes about what you have received in this meditation. Journal about how this all makes you feel, and what you want to do for your next step.

Thank you for meditating with me today. If you enjoyed it I would appreciate your likes, subscribes and shares.

Happy Full Moon