Meditate with Andrea

59: Empath SOS Meditation

June 06, 2022 Andrea Belzer Episode 59
Meditate with Andrea
59: Empath SOS Meditation
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This meditation is for empaths, when they need a quick release of other people's energy. It allows you to separate yourself and protect yourself from energy that is bringing you down. The meditation is also infused with Reiki energy to help heal you while you detach from others energy.

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Please do not meditate and drive. It is meant to be a time where you relax and allow yourself to disconnect!

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This meditation is designed for you to quickly clear energy that is not yours. This is Good for when you don’t have time to do a longer clearing and check in to see what is going on. It is infused with Reiki to help you re-balance your own energy.

Let’s begin by taking some deep breaths. No need to worry about length or depth. Instead just watch the breath flow in and out. Allowing it to relax you and center you.

Imagine placing yourself in a protective box. This box separates you from others emotions. Blocking you from absorbing them. You can only feel your own emotions here.

Now call to mind any individuals that you tend to pick up emotions from. This may be people with you right now or close relationships such as partners, kids, or parents. Even if they are not with you right now.

Imagine putting them in a box. This keeps their energy with them.

Notice if this releases any anxiety or emotions from you.

Now gently toss the box that they are in, away from you. This is to separate the energy from you. This is not to remove the relationship but instead, keep your emotions and energy separate.

Notice if this releases any anxiety or emotions from you.

Continue this process for the major relationships you have until you feel most of the intense energy has calmed down. You may also do this with the planet earth, if you feel you are picking up on everyone’s energies right now. Or even a place that you are currently in.

Now imagine a white light protective barrier surrounding you. This light will only allow positive energy and emotions to flow into your space. Helping you to stay clear of others emotions.

Begin to return to the present moment.

If your eyes were closed, open them and beginning to move your body.

If you need a deeper clearing than this, please check out my deep clearing meditation for empaths. I will put a link in the description section.

I also offer empath coaching, if you are struggling to gain control of what is going on. I will link to information on that as well.

Thank you for meditating with me today.

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