Meditate with Andrea

58: New Moon Meditation

May 30, 2022 Andrea Belzer Episode 58
Meditate with Andrea
58: New Moon Meditation
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This meditation will help you with your new moon ritual. It includes questions to help you release the past cycle, discover what you need to change about existing desires and intentions. Then set new ones if needed. Finally ending with receiving energy from the moon to help you during the lunar cycle.

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The new moon is the start of a new lunar cycle. And can bring in new energies. Because of this it is a great time to check in with where you want to go in life. This meditation is designed to help you see where you have been, reaffirm where you want to go and solidify your intentions. This can be used anytime you want to ensure your goals for your life are on the right track for you.

You can do this as a meditation, or a combination meditation and journaling session. I will allow time for you to journal during this meditation. When questions have been asked.

So grab your journal and let’s meditate!

Get into a comfortable position.

Let’s begin by taking a series of breaths to allow you to relax and unwind. Clearing your mind for what you need to come through.

Start with a deep breath in through your nose.

Exhale out your mouth.

Take a deep breath in, letting it fill your body with nourishing oxygen.

Exhale, allowing it to release your stress and anxiety.

Take a deep breath in allowing it to fill you with the new energy the moon is bringing in.

Exhale and release anything that is no longer serving you.

Allow your breath to settle back into it’s normal flow. Knowing that at anytime you begin to stress you can return to it to bring in more calm in.

Now call in any divine assistance that you would like to be with you as you explore your intentions. It can be a spirit guide, a crossed over loved one or any other being you feel called to have come assist you.

Ask yourself , what have I learned over the past month?

Does what I have learned impact my intentions and goals? Explore both long term and short term goals.

Do you want to release any old intentions? Remembering it is okay to release goals if they no longer fit who you are today. Everything is a learning experience, even when it does not turn out the way you intended.

What new intentions do I want to set for the next month?

What new intentions do I want to set for the long term?

Put your pen down if you have been journaling. Close your eyes, allow yourself to sit with your new intentions.

Imagine your desire sitting in your heart. Allowing it to flow from your heart to the rest of your body. Integrating into every area of your body, becoming one with you.

Now imagine the moon sending your intentions energy to grow and become what you need.

The moon, the stars and heavens turn their attention to you. Sending you the strength, wisdom and love that you need to continue your journey. To help you manifest your intentions and desires.

Feel it empower you.

Thank your divine guides and the moon energy for helping you today.

Slowly return your attention back to the space you are in.

Opening your eyes and beginning to move when you are ready.

If you did not journal during the meditation, jot down some notes now.

Once you have your notes down, begin to put together a plan to begin to working on your goals.

Creating a map for achieving them.

Thank you for joining me today. And Happy New Moon!

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