Meditate with Andrea

57: Finding Your Path Forward Visualization

May 16, 2022 Andrea Belzer Episode 57
Meditate with Andrea
57: Finding Your Path Forward Visualization
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In this guided meditation we will use a visualization to help you uncover what your next step will be. No matter the problem, we will take a step towards moving out of the fog of not knowing, and see the next right step. Finding your path forward a step at a time is easier. Invite in your spirit guides to help and let's start this visualization.

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Many times in life when we are trying to figure out a problem, we get stumped and we can’t even see what next direction to take.

We might have been working on this problem for a while so we have tried a bunch of things. We might have even tried something multiple times. And we just feel stuck. We feel like we are in a fog and can’t find our way out.

In this guided meditation we are going to visualize being stuck in a fog, and finding our way out. So that you can know the next right step for you at this moment.

Go ahead and get yourself into a comfortable position. If you would like to have a journal handy, so you can write down what does come up, grab one now.

Let’s begin by centering on to our breath.

Taking a deep breath in. And exhale.

Taking a deep breath in, and exhale.

Taking a deep breath in, and exhale.

Now following your own breathing pattern, allow the breath to calm you and relax you.

As we begin our journey, invite in your spirit guides to help you on this path.

Now call to mind the problem that you have been struggling to find the right path for.

Imagine yourself in a foggy space in nature.

It could be a forest.

A field

A waterfront.

As you enter this space, you notice that you can’t see anything around you, beyond one step. Look down at your feet. What materials are beneath your feet? Is it sand? Leaves? Pine cones?

As you stand there, decide which direction you want to take one step in. Trust your instincts about which one is the right tone for you. Now move into this space.

After taking your step, notice whats around you. Has anything changed?

What do you see? Has the ground beneath you changed?

Is the fog lifting at all?

Tune into what your guides are telling you.

Is the answer that you are looking for here?

Decide if you want to take another step, even if that is going back to the last space you were in.

Take the step.

Again, look around you. What has changed? What can you see? What is in this new space?

If you took a step backwards, has it changed now that you have returned to it?

What are your guides telling you?

Continue this visualization at your own pace. Take as many steps as needed to learn what the next step is for you. If you receive the information that you need, allow yourself to just be with that information.

Allow it to integrate into your mind, heart and soul.

Slowly bring your attention back to my voice.

Begin to think about all the information that you have gathered during this meditation.

Ask your spirit guides is there anything else about this that you need to know?

If you didn’t find a clear path, trust that it will appear when it is time for you to have it.

Begin to slowly acclimate yourself to the space that you are in. Opening your eyes, beginning to move about.

I encourage you to take some time to write down what you discovered on each step.

Did you find the path to the solution that you needed? If not be okay with not knowing the full path. Sometimes were only supposed to know a step at a time. If you need to come back to this meditation to find the next step. Do that.

There is always a way through the problem, we just have to take it one step at a time.

Thank you for meditating with me today.

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