Meditate with Andrea

56: Ocean Visualization for Deep Calm

May 09, 2022 Andrea Belzer Episode 56
Meditate with Andrea
56: Ocean Visualization for Deep Calm
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 In this meditation we use a visualization of the ocean to help us to calm and connect to the earth. Bringing with it more strength and easy for our day.

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This meditation is designed to help you visualize and connect to the earth, bringing in calm and strength.

Begin by getting into a comfortable position.

Allowing yourself to relax and release any stress that may be bothering you right now.

Picture yourself approaching a beach.

Walk onto the beach and towards the water. As you walk feel the sand on your feet. Notice how it feels, is it hot? is it Cold? is it Wet sand or dry sand?

As you get close to the waters edge, put your feet in the water just so the waves wash over your feet no higher than your ankles.

Settle in here and watch the waves rolling in and out.

As you stand facing the ocean, feel the breeze on your face.

Smell the salty sea air.

Feel the water surround your feet and then release them.

Breathing in with the wave coming in.

Exhaling with the wave flowing back out.

Each time the wave leaves, it takes a bit of sand with it from underneath your feet.

Each time the wave leaves your feet, imagine your feet grounding into the earth. Making you stronger and more stable with every sand shift.

It does not make you unstable, but more balanced, connected and strong.

Each wave coming in brings you strength.

Each wave flowing out grounds you to the earth even more.

Relax into this flow and allow yourself to be strengthened by the water, sand and earth.

Feeling rested, renewed and strengthened, begin to walk away from the water.

Returning to the space that you started from.

Bringing with you everything that you need, and leaving behind what you don’t need.

Knowing that the calm you received from the ocean will be with you at all times. When you need to return to it, simply close your eyes and imagine your feet in the water.

Thank you for meditating with me today.

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