Meditate with Andrea

54: Centering Meditation with Music

April 25, 2022 Andrea Belzer Episode 54
Meditate with Andrea
54: Centering Meditation with Music
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In this meditation we center ourselves by paying attention to our breath. Allowing it to flow through our body while calming us. This version has music, there is a no music version, check out episode 55.

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Please do not meditate and drive. It is meant to be a time where you relax and allow yourself to disconnect!

Music Licensed from Chris Collins,

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In this lightly guided meditation we are going to recenter by focusing on being mindful of our breath and body.

Get yourself into a comfortable position for you. Ideally one where you can easily fill your body with a deep breath.

As you settle in start to allow your body to relax.

Allowing the surface that you are on to support you.

Allow yourself time to get your body comfortable. With each adjustment allowing more calm and peace into your body.

Turn your attention to your breath. Allowing your breath to be your guide on this journey.

Take a beep breath in, allowing it to fill your lungs. Pause slightly at the top of the breath.

Exhale slowly, allowing your body to calm a bit more, releasing all the tension you are holding in your muscles.

Take a deep breath in, allowing nourishing oxygen to flow through your body.

Exhale everything that is not serving you.

Inhale and watch the breath move down into your body.

Exhale watching it move back up your body and out.

Notice how your body adjusts as you do this. Does your chest rise? Does your stomach expand? What are your shoulders doing?

No judgement, just observe.

Stay with your breath. Continue to follow the inhale and exhale. Observing it's flow through your body.

Do not judge it. Allowing it to be, simply what it is.

Where does your breath want to go? Where does it get stuck?

As thoughts arise, acknowledge them. Then release them and watch them float away from you.

As your attention drifts return to the breath. Observing it move through your body.

Begin to return your attention to the physical space that you are in. Allowing yourself to become aware of more than your breath. Notice what the temperature is. Noticing any noises around you. Slowly allowing yourself to re-engage with your surroundings.

Opening your eyes if they have been closed. And begin to return movement to your body.

As you continue your day, remember your breath. A quick return to paying attention to it can recenter you and allow for more calm into your day.

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