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53: Cord Cutting Meditation Infused with Reiki

April 18, 2022 Andrea Belzer Episode 53
Meditate with Andrea
53: Cord Cutting Meditation Infused with Reiki
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In this meditation we disconnect cords with someone who may be causing us emotional stress. It includes reiki healing energy to make it easier, and to repair your energy when done. Allows for rest and renewal after the cord cutting. Allowing you to enjoy the Reiki energy and rest.

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Please do not meditate and drive. It is meant to be a time where you relax and allow yourself to disconnect!

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We all have energetic cords that connect us to others. These can increase the positive within our relationships. However, as relationships sour or even if someone you love is having a difficult time, those energy cords can be negative for you.

Luckily you are not powerless to their impact on your well being. Energy cords can be disconnected, releasing you from the energy of that relationship. With that said, a few things to keep in mind. When doing this, it is not necessarily permanent. Cords can reattach and often do. So depending on your situation, you may have to do a cord cutting more than once.

However, if you just need the relationship to have a fresh start, then cutting the cords so they can be reattached in a healthier way is beneficial. It is also helpful if you are an empath and loved ones are struggling. You can cut the cords to allow yourself some extra rest time.

In this meditation, we will set an intention for cutting the cords. Allow the cords to be cut and end with some relaxing reiki healing energy to repair your aura and your energy.

To begin, get yourself into a comfortable position. Allowing yourself to adjust as much as needed to ensure you are fully able to relax and let go.

Imagine a white light coming down from the stars. This light is full of cleansing healing energy.

Allowing it to enter the top of your head and flow through out your body. Filling any space within that needs to be renewed.

As it does so allowing the excess to overflow to the outside of you. Creating a healing white light that's protecting you.

Now call to mind the person that you would like to cut cords with. As they come into your mind, allow their higher self to know what your intention is with the cord cutting.

Is it a relationship re-start? A complete release? Go with whatever feels right for you now. Knowing that later you can reconnect or re-cut if needed.

Now begin to notice where you have energy cords attached to them. There can be one, there may be many. They may be attached just from the front, or all over.

Now one by one, begin to detach the cords from you. Do this in a way that feels right to you. You can remove it with your hand, a sword, a knife. Trust that the first to come to mind is the right thing. And it may be different every time you do a cord cutting.

As you detach each cord, visualize it slowly starting to burn. Beginning to dissolve to ashes and float away.

At the same time the cords are detaching from the other person. So they are no longer connected to it either.

If you are struggling with this, call in your angels to assist.

Now imagine that white light surrounding you coming back inside you to cleanse and clear any remaining residual energy from the cords.

Now return that light to the stars to be cleansed and purified.

After it has been cleansed it comes back down to you as a shiny gold light.

It begins to surround your body completely, creating a barrier that only allows in positive connections. Only allowing in what is best for your highest good.

Relax and enjoy this positive protective energy.

Slowly bring your attention back to your physical body and the space that you are in.

Gently starting to move and open your eyes when you are ready.

Remember to Allow yourself extra time and care today. Be gentle with yourself and remember that if you need, you can always return to this meditation to disconnect again.

Thank you for meditating with me today. If you enjoyed it I would appreciate your likes, subscribes and shares.

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