Meditate with Andrea

51: Self Love Meditation: Healing the Wounds That Cause Pain

April 04, 2022 Andrea Belzer Episode 51
Meditate with Andrea
51: Self Love Meditation: Healing the Wounds That Cause Pain
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In this meditation we will explore how to love ourselves more. We increase our self love through emotional healing work, this guided meditation will lead you to what you need to heal to increase your love. We end with self love affirmations to help you renew and refresh.

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Loving ourselves is the first step in being able to fully love and enjoy life, while respecting yourself and others.

Love is developed through doing emotional healing work. When we don’t love ourselves, it is often because we are think we are flawed. These beliefs come from past experiences. By healing them, we release the pain, and begin to love ourselves fully.

This journey can be hard as we often don’t know what to work on or what is impacting us the most. Much of what needs healed is intertwined together. This meditation is designed to help you select an issue where you want to love yourself more. And gain insight with the help of your spirit guides and higher self. Making the path forward much easier.

We will end with some affirmations to help you close out feeling good about yourself.

If you prefer to use this as a journaling exercise, please do so. There is time for writing between each question that we explore.

As we begin our meditation, please get into a comfortable position. For this meditation, practice showing yourself love by doing what feels right to you. How do you want to enjoy this meditation, not what everyone says you should do. But how do you want to be for this meditation.

Begin by taking a deep breath in, letting it fill your entire body with nourishing oxygen. and exhale releasing all the tension that you are holding onto.

Take a deep breath in feeling it as it moves through your body and restores you. and exhale sinking deeper into relaxation.

Take a deep breath in and exhale while feeling yourself melt into the space that you are in.

As we begin to explore, call in your spirit guides, higher self and any other beings of light that you want to assist you on this journey.

As they come in they are bringing rays of loving light from the universe. Feel the warmth of that love surrounding you. Allowing it to embrace you and cocoon you in protective loving energy. Allow it to relax you even further.

If at any point during this meditation you feel anxiety, return to this loving cocoon. Knowing that it will give you the healing love that you need right now.

Ask yourself where you love yourself the least right now. If you feel there are too many and that this is overwhelming, ask your spirit guides to lead you to the one that will bring the most healing.

Remember to go back to the healing light if this is overwhelming.

Why do I think this part of me isn’t lovable?

How can I begin to see this differently? What needs healed for me to do so?

Anything more I need to know about this?

Return yourself to the loving light cocoon. Breathe in the love that is around you. Let it flow and absorb into your body. While you do this, you can say the affirmations out loud or to yourself.

All the love I need is already inside me. I am strong enough to do the work to reach it.

I am more than enough.

I deserve a joyful, loving and abundant life.

I trust myself.

I choose to unconditionally love myself.

I am worthy and deserve love exactly as I am today.

Allow all the positive energy you have gathered, to stay with you. If you need to return to love, imagine this cocoon always around you.

Slowly begin to return your attention to your body. Beginning to wiggle your fingers and toes.

As you are ready opening your eyes if they are closed and noticing the space around you.

Allowing yourself time to just be, moving on with your day when you are ready.

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