Meditate with Andrea

48: Guided Meditation to Understand Judgement

March 14, 2022 Andrea Belzer Episode 48
Meditate with Andrea
48: Guided Meditation to Understand Judgement
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In this meditation we work on understanding why we are judging others. Then gain more clarity around how we can make changes to ourselves to feel more compassion and understanding for others.

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When we have done our own emotional healing work. And are compassionate and loving to ourselves. We don't judge others or ourselves. But getting to this space can be hard when we aren’t sure what needs healed.

We can however, use judgement to be the flashlight to help us see what we need to work on within ourselves. Judgement of others is a reflection of us taking something personal or something we don’t like within ourselves.

This meditation is designed to help you uncover how you are judging others, why this is happening and how you can start to heal and release your judgement. You can also use this as a journaling prompt tool.

Let’s begin by getting into a comfortable position for you. If you are going to be journaling, grab your pen and paper.

Once you are in your space, begin to relax into it. Feel the support of your body, allowing your weight to melt into this supportive space.

Turn your attention to your breathe. Watching the flow of your inhale, allowing it to be smooth. Gently releasing your breathe. Feeling the relaxation wash over your body.

Stay focused on this calm in and out of your breath, like waves gently coming in and out of the beach. Slowly, calmly and repetitively. Bringing you relaxation with each cycle.

Ask yourself:

  • Where am I judging others?
  • Why am i judging this? Get detailed on what exactly is bothering you about what they are doing.
  • What about myself in this situation may it be triggering? Remembering that judgement is often a reflection of something we need but are not acknowledging. If this brings up intense emotions, return to focusing on your breathe.
  • What do I need to heal in me to release this judgment?
  • Is there anything else your intuition wants you to know about this particular situation you are judging.

Now take a moment to sit with all the information and feelings that came up. Practice being non-judgemental about this information you now have. Just let it be with you.

Slowly begin to bring your attention back to the space that you are in. Allowing yourself to maintain this sense of calm while beginning to notice colors, sounds, smells and bringing gentle movement back to your body.

I encourage you to take some time after this to jot down what came up. Creating a plan on how to heal what you uncovered in the meditation. Remembering to be gentle, kind and loving to yourself as you do this.

Thank you for joining me today in this meditation. If you enjoyed this, and would like to support my meditations. Please simply like, comment and share on the platform you are on.